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Welcome State Bar Members—Eligible for 10% Discount on Disability Insurance

What if you were to become too sick or hurt to work? This sudden interruption of income can cause you to deplete 10 years worth of savings in 1 year!

Attorneys understand and appreciate the importance of strong contract language and drafting documents without an ambiguous message. MassMutual has been protecting families since 1851; Their contract definitions provide favorable language for you to collect your disability income when you aren't able to perform your duties as an attorney in a timely manner. Have the confidence that tax-free income will be available when you need it.

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A Few Highlights on the 10% Discounted Disability Insurance Policy:

  • The Own-Occupation Rider helps you recover a portion of your lost income. It can provide a monthly benefit when you are unable to perform the main duties of your own occupation while you work in another occupation.
  • The Extended Partial Rider helps you recover a portion of your lost income if you are partially disabled and continue to work at your regular occupation, or a new occupation in a reduced capacity.
  • Future Insurability Option Rider helps ensure your disability income (DI) insurance coverage can keep pace with changes in your income by protecting your future level of earnings without proof of medical insurability.

Please contact Justin Cairns at (480) 365-6888 or at
Justin and his team can provide professional advice and comparative analysis to meet your long term disability insurance needs. Competitive discounts and quotes are available today!

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