A Wide Variety of Services

Whether you already have one or more trusts in place or are considering creating one; whether you serve as your own trustee or serve as trustee on behalf of someone else, we can help Our services range from helping you identify, structure, and manage the most appropriate type of trust, to assisting existing trustees in fulfilling their many fiduciary duties and serving as trustee. Raymond James Trust frequently works with individuals and families who have been asked to step in as trustees, personal agents or executors to manage the financial affairs of family members or friends.

Choose Someone You Can Trust

Trustees are obligated to act in the best interests of both current and future trust beneficiaries—an often complex and time-consuming responsibility. They must comply with specific trust document provisions, as well as state and federal laws governing trusts, including the Uniform Prudent Investor Act. Personal liability may exist for any breach of those fiduciary duties.


Trustees typically also have a number of administrative duties, including:

  • Maintaining complete, accurate, and detailed records of income, principal, distributions, purchases and sales of trust assets.
  • Preparing and filing fiduciary income tax returns
  • Overseeing service providers
  • Managing beneficiary distributions


We Partner With Existing Trustees

Friends and family members named as trustees often seek professional help to aid them in effectively carrying out their sometimes complex and time-consuming duties. They may retain an attorney to help with legal interpretations, hire an accountant to assist with recordkeeping, bill paying and taxes, and employ a financial professional to manage the assets. Or they can hire Raymond James Trust to partner with them in coordinating and managing all of those tasks for a single, predetermined fee.