Brittney Kraft

Associate Wealth Advisor

Brittney has always had a passion to work with business owners who had a vision to grow their company and impact their community. Previously for over 10 years, Brittney was a Certified Business Performance Advisor*, which allowed her to partner with business owners on a diverse spectrum of areas such as human resource management, tax strategies, and leadership development. Her clients have grown over the years, and it was essential to Brittney that her expertise evolved with their needs.

As an Associate Wealth Management Advisor, Brittney has been able to share more advanced strategies pertaining to wealth building and asset protection that helps her clients not only diversify from their business, but give them the confidence and peace of mind they are on track with their personal financial goals.

Brittney joined Next Chapter Advisory Group in April of 2022. She resides with her partner Brad, and their two dogs, Mac and Violet.

*Brittney’s Certified Business Performance Advisor designation is accredited by the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business. The program focuses on aspects of businesses such as accounting and finance, marketing, legal and ethics, as well as other areas, to help guide business owners.